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Prebiotic Probiotic GUT Basics Salad

Put the following ingredients in a large glass bowl and stir. Eat immediately or refrigerate and eat later. This is a delicious, power-packed salad! Ingredients:2-cups organic arugula, coarsely choppedArugula benefits:Fights CancerProtects Eye HealthImproves Heart HealthHelps Maintain Strong BonesAids in Weight LossImproves DigestionHelps Prevent DiabetesReduces Skin Inflammation and InfectionsSupplies Important Vitamins and MineralsMay Act as a […]

“Death Begins In The Colon”.

In the 1950’s a brilliant doctor by the name of Dr.Bernard Jensen, D. C. Nutritionist coined the phrase “Death Begins In The Colon”. In her book, the GAPS diet, Dr. Campbell-McBride speaks on the Importance of the GUT hence the name GAPS, which means Gut And Psychology Syndrome. In other words our GUT and colon […]

GUT Basics for Spring….Our Liver!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the time that our liver needs extra attention! When our liver isn’t working optimally, we can develop histamine reactions to (fermented foods, tomatoes, wheat, dairy, chocolate, wine and cured meats). Then the cascade starts…..watery eyes, brain fog, inflammation of the gut and brain, and constipation.OY! The emotions tied […]

Bodacious Sweet Potato Pie

It’s better than pumpkin pie Free of gluten and dairy and no one will ever know if you don’t tell them! This recipe makes one 9” pie. I always double this recipe because my family eats the whole thing within an hour. Ingredients: 1-bag gluten free ginger snaps 1-tablespoon chia seeds 3-eggs, organic is best […]

GUT Healing Benefits of Kombucha

Known in China as the “tea of immortality,” Kombucha (pronounced kum-boocha) is a drink that is fermented from a type of mushroom, tea and sugar (it’s not really a mushroom, it just looks like one). This “mushroom” is often called a “scoby,” which stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. The culture is placed […]

Sprouted, Vitality Oil GUT/Brain Smoothie

Summer offers a beautiful bounty of fresh vegetables and fruit through our back yard gardens, local farms and CSA (community supported agriculture), then winter hits for most of us and our food options shift. One of the best foods for our gut is live sprouts because they are full of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Why […]