About Jane Casey

A brilliant, multimillionaire trainer says “find someone who has what you want and follow them”.

I had “no one to follow” so I became a GUT Expert because I had to.

If you are hungry for knowledge about the GUT, what foods, essential oils and supplements support it, then come walk with me. I will share what I have learned over the last 15+ years.

Join me in our community GUTSY Oily Chicks Waiting Room here:

If you want to read my first book go here or my second book, oops! I took them down, so now you have to wait for book three which is the science and lots of recipes surrounding the GUT, Fermented Foods and Essential oils!

My third book, which is GUT related with lots of fermented food recipes, and essential oil information will be heading into editing the beginning of April. If you would like to sign up for my newsletter, or learn more about the GUTSY retreat this year (think fermented foods,energy work and very specific techniques on how to use essential oils), send me a quick message to janecaseyskitchen@gmail.com Or go to the bottom of this page, and fill out the information!
The retreat will have a vetting process (you will love it!).

Peace Up!
I hope you realize how FANTASTIC YOU ARE and that YOU are the only one with your gifts!!

Carpe Diem!
Go Get GUTSY!!!

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