About Jane Casey

About Jane Casey

While living in Portland, Oregon, my family and I fell in love with the outdoors and how we felt after a good long hike. Portland is a food cultural wonderland and everything sold in co-ops,  farmers markets and grocery stores is locally grown and without pesticides. There is a lot of community presence in the restaurant scene. My background as a chef lead me to learn more about using pure plants aka therapeutic grade essential oils in my cooking/fermented foods cooking classes and my one-on-one consultations. The majority of my clients are made up of family’s whose children require GUT support because they have sensory and behavioral and speech challenges. My focus with Young Living oils and products is to lead family’s on a wellness journey to use oils for all of their every day needs, as well as ditch the chemicals in their households which are often the root causes of the sensory and gut issues. My goals are to inspire and train others how to make and eat Real Food at the dinner table each night with their family and incorporate Young Living therapeutic grade Young Living oils essential oils in every household and use them for GUT support.

Join me at one of my underground fermenting cooking classes in Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois or email me for inquiries. I am available for one free 30-consultation if you are not yet using Young Living oils.

If you are a Young Living member, and not in my group, I offer consultations based on your needs relative to diet and essential oils. My fee is $100.00 an hour.  You can email me at janecaseykitchen@gmail.com or call me at 630-301-9741.


Ask Me Anything!

If you have questions about essential oils or healthier living, I’m available! Simply use the form below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.