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A brilliant, multimillionaire trainer says “find someone who has what you want and follow them”.

I had “no one to follow” so I became a GUT Expert because I had to.

If you are hungry for knowledge about the GUT, what foods, essential oils and supplements support it, then come walk with me. I will share what I have learned over the last 15+ years.

First, let me share my backstory:
I was born in Chicago and raised in Minnesota. I returned back to Chicago in the late 80’s and met my husband Steve in a pub near Lake Michigan. I knew the night I met him that I would marry him. Steve and I have been married for 26-years. He is the best man in the world (for me). I love him immensely.

In 1999, our twin boys had a serious reaction to shots they received at a well-baby visit.

That was the only time in my life when I have had a “Bad GUT feeling” and ignored it.

I recall that “Bad GUT feeling” being so strong, that my GUT actually hurt and my mind was dizzy.

Our kids were born 9-weeks early and their little immune systems were not fully developed. In 1999, there was No Scientific data backing up the GUT/Brain relationship.

I was so scared something bad was going to happen to the boys, that I followed our pediatricians advice (it wasn’t her fault as she undoubtedly thought vaccines were safe as well). Go here to read more about the science behind vaccines.

That afternoon my one son was admitted to the hospital and my other son laid limp and lifeless with a high fever and a rash. I was told to give him tylenol which wipes out the little amount of glutathione in a baby’s body. We were also told to give the boys Motrin and that as it turns out, wipes out the good gut flora. Read from this MD what these medications to our healthy GUT flora

Shortly afterwards we saw a neurologist who diagnosed the boys with PDD-NOS (a warm and fuzzy term for autism). She told us it was a life-long disorder and to go home and love them and start a therapy called ABA (applied behavior analysis) so they might regain their speech and motor skills (I told the Dr. that my kids were speaking and doing age-appropriate things before the shots).

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me something cannot be done, I make sure it can be. My husband and I refused to accept the diagnosis. We made a pact that we would do whatever we could to get the boys back the way they were designed to be. I also told myself that I would throw money at whatever and dig ourselves out of a financial hole later if need be. Which I did and I did.

We initially thought our boys were becoming deaf, so we had their hearing checked which turned out to be okay. They would later run to a Baby Einstein video on TV but wouldn’t look anyone in the eyes or respond to their own name when we called. Our dog gave me better eye contact way back when.

We feared they may be having seizures because they didn’t sleep at night, so we did an EKG in the hospital. Again, all was okay.

They also were quite pale and didn’t tan in the sun during the summer. Their skin looked translucent, their bellies were extended and they developed chronic constipation.

They lost ALL language and began grunting or scratching when their routines were interrupted.

In an effort to heal my boys, I worked my butt off in our kitchen for many years. I made LOTS of fermented foods and other homemade foods that replaced a boatload of supplements they were taking. These foods were easy to digest, tasted good, increased their language and cognition. Their eye contact came back, they were no longer constipated and their recovery from this man made illness was well on it’s way.

We saw an incredible MD for many years and she started us on our path of understanding what had happened. We as a family forgave all those we believed were directly or indirectly responsible for what we went through and believe they owe us nothing. If you want to know what I am talking about go here and read more

If you want to hear from a well known MD regarding autism, here you go.

God healed the boys and they no longer have that label. They are in college and very healthy. I should say God healed me first as I searched for Him having exhausted every healing protocol and therapy under the sun. There was no where else to run. I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. As I would later learn, all symptoms have an emotional component. The emotions tied to Pneumonia are: Desperate. Tired of life. Emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal.

My hope and prayer for those of you reading this, is if you feel stuck, it may be time to shift your thoughts. Our bodies can heal if we choose the will to heal.

On to GUT Basics…..

GUT Basics 101
1. Our Brain-the majority of our brains chemicals called neurotransmitters are made in our GI Tract, or gut. In essence our thoughts are made there and these thoughts can easily transform into something larger than life. Our speech is also made in our gut. Read more about that here:

2. Our Immune System – 80 % of our immune system and our bodies first line of defense against pathogens is made in our GUT. What we think about (go back to #1) is a key part to our immune system. Read more about that here.

3. Learn how to make Homemade Fermented Foods-here is one video

4. Use Young Living Essential Oils and products in every corner of your house. Chemicals like the majority of store bought laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, air sprays, make up, lotions, are loaded with something that does not belong in our bodies and will wipe out our Good GUT Flora.

If you are not using Young Living and would like to join in with our GUT group of women that is all over the world, you’ll start with the premium starter kit of oils and the desert mist diffuser. It’s only $160. Once you order the kit, I will send you out a welcome kit and after you get your oils, you will received GUT Basic 101, then 102, then 103 and each step after you complete the first steps.
Here is my sign up link
or email me at janecaseyskitchen@gmail.com

There is a lot more coming, step by step, by step.

Shalom and Peace within your GUT.

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