About Jane Casey

About Jane Casey

The “Underground Kitchen Church”

Less electronics, more human time. 

That is my Vision and Mission.

To bring family’s closer over dinner every night.  No phones,  TV’s or computers.

The “Underground Kitchen Church” (UKC) is a movement that started in my family’s kitchen over dinner, prayer, laughter, and listening to each other share about our day while enjoying a meal and drinking Wine, and Kombucha  

My goals are to Inspire and Train others to make Fermented and GUT supportive foods in their kitchen and use Young Living oils and products in every room of their house.  After years of working full time raising twin boys and cooking, I now work a few hours a day coaching people on GUT wellness and essential oils. If you are one of the thousands on my team, then you have spent time in the kitchen with me and you know we love to educate and have fun in the process.

If you don’t have a vision and a mission statement, you may want one because you were born with a purpose of sharing something unique.  Vision and mission statements brings clarity, peace and harmony to our households and lives.  It’s possible the reason many people have digestive issues is because when we are not clear on our lives, we become distracted and spend too much time on our phones. 

If you need a planner, here is my favorite one Passion Planner it comes with instructions on how to create a vision and goals-I don’t know the person who created it and I don’t make money off of them, but they are kick butt!

If you are interested in purchasing Young Living Oils and joining my groovy team to learn more and even make a little or a Lot Of Money we are all over the world and would love to partner with you.  You can order the premium starter kit of oils here, my ID is:1144276, every one of us started with the kit and gets on Essential Rewards right away!

If you are local to me, you can join us at one of our underground GUT Focused cooking and essential workshops in Chicago, Illinois.  We also offer several Facebook groups for private education on line.

You can email me at janecaseykitchen@gmail.com or call me at 630-301-9741.


Ask Me Anything!

If you have questions about essential oils or healthier living, I’m available! Simply use the form below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.