Would you like to have more fun, joy and a healthy gut?

It All Started In 2001

I recall being quite distressed and very worried about my kids. Perhaps you’re feeling that way now and feel uneasy, uncertain and on-edge.

At the time, my kids had sensory and gut issues and I felt like a hamster on a hamster wheel searching for answers to heal them while seemingly not getting any traction. However through searching on line I found a remarkable MD in the Chicago area by the name of Anju Usman Singh, M.D., FAAFP, ABIHM, FMAPS who taught me a new way of thinking – some call it the Law of Attraction, (we bring in what we focus on) and the Bible says it another way; “A man without a vision will perish”.

Dr. Usman taught me that the gut and brain were connected and to keep following my GUT, which many of us refer to it as our God-Given GUT intuition.

The Art of Fermenting

In 2004, through counseling, journaling every morning and searching online, I discovered the Art of Fermenting, bone broth and saturated fats.

Here are the the two books that taught me the most on how to heal my boys bodies with food.

Body Ecology Diet

Nourishing Traditions

We also began seeing a chiropractor who taught us the about muscle testing (applied kinesiology). His techniques at that time were life changing. We would walk into his office with screaming, constipated kids and leave with a zen-like feeling which would carry over into next several days. His name is Dr. Gelband, his website here.

At the same time, we were working with a gal named Deborah Dukes who among other things, “re-taught” my kids language (they had lost it), how to respect people and to look others in the eyes when they were speaking.

Deborah taught Alec and Jack “knock knock jokes” and to try to have a sense of humor in life. In the process, Deborah taught me to breathe and laugh again even when I pulled my car out of the garage and backed right into her’s parked in our driveway (totally my fault). I laughed instead of crying, because it was fixable, like most things in life.

My Kids Began To Heal

It took a while but in time, through dietary shifts, Deborah, Dr. Usman, Dr. Gelband and Prayer, our kids; Alec and Jack began to heal. Their speech came, and their little bodies began to heal. My mom had started a prayer chain for the kids healing and encouraged me to teach the boys scripture which at the time I remember thinking “what the flip are you talking about? How in the heck is scripture going to heal them”. OY! Was I wrong.

Hello Essential Oils

In 2013, we hit a wall called puberty. Ouch! I got on the internet and found something I had used in 2010 but didn’t stick with it – I rediscovered an oil called Valor

Valor is essential oil that calmed my spirit and gave me hope.

We also tried Peace and Calming which works just like it’s name. One of the key ingredients, Patchouli; helps to clarify our thoughts and allows us to discard feelings we may have of jealousy, obsession and insecurity.

Then Lavender (my son Alec had a remarkable event with this oil).

And Brain Power which Jack used often before school. We diffused it and also applied it at night. His math teacher in Portland asked me what I was doing differently at home after we started using it.

Thing had truly shifted!

My hope is if you are feeling depleted, depressed or discouraged, you will join me in pursuing an “unhurried lifestyle” that is based on harmony, grounding and peace within.

If you want to read my first book: Eat It And Beat It: Getting Over Autism

If you’re interested in purchasing oils, contact me at janecaseyskitchen@gmail.com

Peace Up! Every day is a great day to be Alive!