About Jane Casey


A brilliant, multimillionaire trainer says “find someone who has what you want and follow them”.

I had “no one to follow” in 2004, so I became a GUT Expert because I had to.

My twin boys got very ill in 2001 and like all moms, I researched everything determined to improve their wellbeing.

I talked to doctors-lots of doctors.

I read medical journals and every label on every package (food and household products).

No stone was left unturned until my boys (now young men in college) were healed. I thank God for without His Spirit and Angels we would still be stuck in limbo.

Thankfully after years of trial and error, grit and lots of tears-the boys got better. Much better.

Like you, I am no super woman.

We all want the same things in life.

We want to be safe.

We want to be loved.

We want to know we are love-able.

We want to make a difference in this world-and that often happens when we have one-on-one conversations with those that cross our path.

My hope is if you are feeling depleted that you will join me in an “unhurried lifestyle” that is based on harmony, grounding and peace within.

If you want to read my first book; Eat It And Beat It: Getting Over Autism, follow this link

If you are hungry for someone to talk to who will lift you up, listen and suggest things that may give you peace within and protect your GUT, please contact me at janecaseyskitchen@gmail.com


Peace Up!  Every day is a great day to be Alive!



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