Essential Oils

Essential oils might seem new, but we’ve simply rediscovered a brilliance in nature that dates back to 1500 B.C. (the Ebers Papyrus). But what are they exactly? Essential oils are distilled from botanicals, plants and trees. Anything from a tall cedar tree down to a small hyssop plant… and all kinds of things in between.

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What Can Essential Oils Actually Do?

Pure essential oils capture the health supporting power of their source. In English please? Essential oils can be used for emotional uplifting, supporting physical wellness, supporting healthy skin and maintaining a home free of harsh chemicals. In many ways, essential oils can radically change your life!

What are essential oils?
Young Living essential oils and the Desert Mist diffuser.

Essential Oil Singles & Blends

Something you need to understand about the oil: Single oils like lavender, cedarwood, melissa, ylang ylang and frankincense all have specific therapeutic properties. Additionally, certain oils can be combined into a blend that affects the body in a unique way. It takes a master of the botanical world to create affective blends.

Who Provides the Best Oils?

Young Living® is the Worldwide leader for essential oils. A lot of businesses like to throw out marketing terms claiming to be the standard, but Young Living literally is. Why? Their Seed to Seal™ guarantee. Nobody else has it, and nobody can come close to it. We encourage you to read more below and connect with an Oily Guru to discover the the possibilities Young Living has for supporting the health of your body and home!