Car Vent Diffuser – Gray
Car Vent Diffuser – Gray
Retail: $19.41 USD
Wholesale: $14.75 USD
Stock Number: #25110
Young Living

Car Vent Diffuser – Gray

Retail: $19.41 USD
Wholesale: $14.75 USD
Stock Number: #25110
Car Vent Diffuser – Gray can be ingested
Car Vent Diffuser – Gray can be inhaled
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Infuse your car with the sweet scents of Young Living essential
oils with the Car Vent Diffuser! This simple, stylish
diffuser—available in rose gold or gray—uses oil-absorbing cotton
pads and the A.C. or heat from your air vents to fill your vehicle
with the aromatic benefits of essentials oils.

Use Stress Away™ during rush hour, Orange in the mornings, and
Peppermint while driving at night. Keep your favorite essential
oils in your bag, add a few drops to the cotton pads, and you’ll be
cruising with your favorite aroma in no time!

How to Use

  1. Put 6-8 drops of essential oil on the cotton pad.
  2. Open the diffuser using the notch opposite the hinge.
  3. Place the pad inside the diffuser, oil side down.
  4. Close the diffuser. Pull out the back clip to rotate the YL
    logo until it’s oriented to your vent.
  5. Clip on to your vent and turn the air on to diffuse the
  6. Hand wash the cotton pad as needed.

Cautions & Disclaimer

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*Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

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