Sauce Pan – 20 X 13 cm
Sauce Pan – 20 X 13 cm
Retail: $298.68 USD
Wholesale: $227.00 USD
Stock Number: #4057
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Sauce Pan – 20 X 13 cm

Retail: $298.68 USD
Wholesale: $227.00 USD
Stock Number: #4057
Sauce Pan – 20 X 13 cm can be ingested
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The titanium saucepan is a must for master chefs and beginning
cooks alike. The titanium coating resists abrasions, scratches, and
warping while evenly heating your food. Sauces and vegetables are
cooked to perfection in this quality cookware. (Lids sold

How to Use

With the titanium cookware, you can use
little or no oil, fat or water for cooking. Food retains maximum
nutrients, enzymes and flavor. The surface is a patented,
high-tech, non-stick, scratch-resistant titanium finish. The thick
thermobasic hand-cast aluminum base ensures optimum heat
distribution and retention. The non-porous titanium layer is 100%
effective in preventing the aluminum from leaking. The handles,
lids and knobs are oven proof up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260
degrees Celsius).

To clean the pans, use warm water and a little dishwashing
liquid and a normal dishwashing cloth. We do not recommend putting
the cookware into the dishwasher. Do not use scouring pads, steel
wool or abrasive cleaners.

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