USB Diffuser Refill Cartridges
USB Diffuser Refill Cartridges
Retail: $6.25 USD
Wholesale: $4.75 USD
Stock Number: #5228
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USB Diffuser Refill Cartridges

Retail: $6.25 USD
Wholesale: $4.75 USD
Stock Number: #5228
USB Diffuser Refill Cartridges can be ingested
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The USB Diffuser Refill Cartridges 3-Pack contains 3 refill
bottles for use with the USB Diffusers.

How to Use

1. Push and slide open the panel on the bottom of the USB
Diffuser. Remove the current essential oil bottle cartridge.2.
Remove the protective wick cap and wick from the replacement bottle
top. Add essential oil to the bottle using the included mini pump.
Screw the wick bottle top back onto the bottle.3. Insert the
essential oil bottle cartridge into the USB Diffuser with the round
tab facing down. Slide the panel back on. The diffuser is ready to


• Avoid overfilling the essential oil bottle and spilling oils
on the plastic components. If oil comes into contact with the
plastic, it can damage the diffuser and void the warranty.• When
the diffuser is not in use, please remove the oil-filled bottle
from inside of the diffuser and place the included wick cap on the
wick bottle top for storage.

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