Vitality Culinary Kit
Vitality Culinary Kit
Retail: $111.51 USD
Wholesale: $84.75 USD
Stock Number: #24037
Young Living

Vitality Culinary Kit

Retail: $111.51 USD
Wholesale: $84.75 USD
Stock Number: #24037
Vitality Culinary Kit can be ingested
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Discover bright and diverse flavors with the Young Living
Vitality™ Culinary Kit! This collection is your passport to a world
of flavor—with six of our most popular Vitality oils. Start
infusing your recipes with the taste of citrus, floral, mint, and
herbal hardiness. The kit also features a collection of Young
Living-branded kitchen utensils and tools, so your kitchen
transformation can truly be complete!

Vitality Culinary Cookbookfeatures recipes for every
occasion, including Thai-style lettuce wraps, cheesy sweet potato
bites, blueberry-lavender ice cream, and a host of delicious dishes
and tantalizing treats. Once you see how much better the world
tastes with essential oils, you’ll want to give Vitality a
permanent spot in your spice cabinet!

Product Snapshot


  • Presents ways to harness the natural benefits of
    cooking with essential oils for any meal or occasion.
  • Includes Peppermint Vitality, Lavender Vitality,
    Cinnamon Bark Vitality, Oregano Vitality, Orange Vitality, and
    Rosemary Vitality essential oils.
  • In addition to six Vitality oils, this kit features
    a high-quality stainless steel mixing bowl with a silicone lid,
    four stainless steel and silicone utensils (whisk, spatula,
    scraper, and serving spoon), the
    Vitality Culinary Cookbook, and a bamboo oil rack.


  • Thyme Vitality
    essential oil
  • Black Pepper
    Vitality essential oil
  • Lime Vitality essential
  • Lemon Vitality essential


  • Peppermint Vitality
  • Lavender Vitality
  • Cinnamon Bark Vitality
  • Oregano Vitality
  • Orange Vitality
  • Rosemary Vitality
  • Stainless steel mixing bowl with silicone lid
  • Stainless steel and silicone kitchen utensil set
    (whisk, spatula, serving spoon, and scraper)
  • Bamboo oil rack
  • Vitality Culinary Cookbook



Peppermint (Mentha piperita)† leaf oil
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)† flowering
top oil
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)† bark oil
Oregano (Origanum vulgare)† leaf/stem
Orange (Citrus sinensis)† peel oil
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)† leaf
†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential

Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses


Refer to the
Vitality Culinary Cookbookand individual products for
specific usage.


Carefully sourced using Young Living’s
rigorous Seed to Seal quality commitment, Young Living Vitality
essential oils make it easy to add delicious, bold flavors to your
homemade dishes, desserts, and drinks. These dietary essential oils
add the same bright, fresh flavor as herbs and citrus fruits from
the market without chopping, mincing, zesting, or juicing.


Refer to the individual product labels for
specific usage and directions.

CAUTIONS:Keep out of reach of children. Keep essential oils
away from eyes and mucous membranes. Follow the caution guidelines
on each individual label.

Get to Know

Get to Know


As the industry leader in providing pure
essential oils and other plant-based products, Young Living has
been helping families find natural solutions for over 25 years. Our
dietary essential oils make it simple to boost flavor, and this kit
introduces ways to utilize Vitality oils in everyday foods. It also
includes two dozen recipes to get you started on a more flavorful
culinary journey.

Cautions & Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

*Modern scientific research has not yet validated these traditional claims.