GUT Basics for Spring….Our Liver!

TYPED by Jane | Updated May 13, 2019

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the time that our liver needs extra attention!

When our liver isn’t working optimally, we can develop histamine reactions to (fermented foods, tomatoes, wheat, dairy, chocolate, wine and cured meats).

Then the cascade starts…..
watery eyes, brain fog, inflammation of the gut and brain, and constipation.

The emotions tied to the liver are anger, feeling rejected, bored, abandoned and alone. When we eat gut supporting foods, take supplements and diffuse essential oils, our body comes into trinity within itself. Mind, body, soul.

Before adding in any Fermented Foods Into Your Diet, you may want to research the Following…

GUT Basics For A Robust Brain And GI Tract:

1. Sulfur and glutathione:
We need Sulfur in the form of MSM.
Sulfur converts into Glutathione, our livers most important antioxidant. It binds to fat-soluble toxins (all toxins are fat-soluble), and converts them into water-soluble so we can pee and poop them out.
Sulfur also makes our hair and nails grow.
Read more here:

2. Digestive Enzymes-
I recently read that only 8 % of the food we eat gets metabolized. The remaining undigested food particles are left to create a pathogenic biofilm around our intestinal wall which creates havoc, inviting parasites, yeast and viruses to live there instead of being overcrowded by good gut flora.
When our digestive system is off, we get gut inflammation, overgrowth of bad gut bugs, overly emotional,
foggy brain and a fat gut.
Food is necessary for energy, cell regeneration and balancing the gut.
Read more about enzymes here:

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