Underground Garlic Heavy Metal GUT Healer

Fermented Garlic Benefits:

-Garlic Removes heavy metals-

here is a study showing garlic is more effective than DMSA, one of the current medication prescribed for heavy Metal detox. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/3268178/

Balances pH, which supports detoxification




With the addition of organic raw apple cider vinegar this also provides:

Improves GUT function

Lowers blood pressure

Weight loss

Probiotics and enzymes

Relieves symptoms of acid reflux

Underground Garlic and Gut Health

Ingredients and Recipe:

✅ Quart size mason jars with lids (as many as you want to make)

✅ Celtic sea salt (buy a large bag of it, or your favorite mineral based salt). You’ll be using it for all of your future ferments and broths!

✅ Spring water. We have Wisconsin spring water delivered.

✅ Raw Organic Garlic

✅ Go to your local farmers market (or your garden) and get some garlic. I bought mine from this dude.


Peel garlic and put it in the mason jar.

Put 1-tablespoon of salt in the jar.

Pour water over the garlic, leaving 1-inch from the top.

✌️ Set jar on kitchen counter or outside in your porch for one month. Make sure the garlic stays submerged under the salt water. It should bubble a bit.

✌️ After 1-month, open the lid and pour in a bit of the apple cider vinegar. Put lid on, shake it a little bit and then put it in your refrigerator, or eat some!

Every day eat a clove or two-or more if you like!